Maarten de Jeu Evolves the Inner-Business Structure

Today’s business industry is more ruthless, yet more open to potential than ever before. Most have a hierarchy of employee tiers with how duties are handed out for workers to complete. There are the everyday people who act as the face of the company, while the managers above them run the show and report to the CEO even higher up. However, there is a new role steaming out from the CEO known as a corporate developer. These are individuals who run the calculations and determine where the company can improve its standing or cut off potential loses. The website Ask Reporter recently sat down with Maarten de Jeu as he expanded on his role in growing the industry.

Maarten de Jeu can be seen as the individual who popularized the role of corporate development. He entered the scene with a strong sense of what makes a good success internationally. He brought a wealth of skills, in addition to an educated background from the University of Oxford. The first jobs he obtained were simple advising tasks on behalf of various clients. It was not until the founding of SVM Business Advisory that he took the future of business upon himself. Having his operations based out of Chicago, Illinois was the perfect location for being in contact with fortune 500 companies. His natural instincts and knowledge have turned into a business industry staple.

The role of corporate developer takes a three-pronged approach to aiding a business. This individual is first in charge of partner discussions and determining where a joint venture might have potential. Secondly, they are the most important person in ensuring a merger or acquisition deal comes to fruition. A corporate developer is essentially the spokesperson for the CEO above them. Lastly, they handle the allocation and potential regarding company assets. As a business grows and grows they may find certain properties become a burden for growth. It is the responsibility of the corporate developer to find and remove these pieces. Learn more:

In order to determine if an individual can become a corporate developer, they should first do an interpersonal reflection to see where their skills stand. Innovation is possibly the most important trait for surviving the current globalized economy. Consumers are always searching for something new, and they will gravitate towards a company that is fulfilling those desires. Similarly, learning effective communication skills can be a valuable asset for developing partnerships and making your client’s presence more clearer. The last aspect is finding someone who is current on economic trends and consumer desire. A business has to evolve or the competition will leave them behind.

The role of a corporate developer is not as clear cut as it might seem, but the flexibility of the position allows for companies to create their unique identity. Maarten de Jeu has seen the ups and downs of the economy while using his experience to better guide businesses to a profitable tomorrow. The power of business is creating a new future is limitless.

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