Maarten de Jeu shares 8 different factors business owners must accept when taking their business globally

Maarten de Jeu is a graduate of Oxford and started his own company named SVM Business Advisory. The individual brings a lot to the table with his skill set as he has worked in the real estate industry, finance industry, and in international business. Some of the other hobbies that he enjoys are playing tennis and spending time with his family. The advisor has had the pleasure to work with some of the top names in the finance and insurance industries. In an article from Premier Gazette, Maarten de Jeu lists 8 different factors that have to be thought about when considering to take a business globally. The first is being consistent with the quality of products as the first impression can be a hit or miss with consumers. An owner will have to make sure to have a trustworthy manufacturer to make sure products are as good as advertised. Businesses can get ahead and attract customers in different areas by getting to know the language. Hiring employees abroad can help owners understand what is going on and show dedication to others. Next, Maarten de Jeu advises that entrepreneurs do their research about where to exactly market their services or products. According to the advisor, examining the location and other competitors can be essential. Consumers will not want to purchase another product or service in the area if they already have a cheaper option that they have been using for a while. Maarten de Jeu shares that entrepreneurs must follow guidelines for the different countries and create a reasonable business plan to succeed. Although some can stroll by in the U.S. without a plan, he shares that this will not hold water internationally. Owners will have to research the market. In comparison, entrepreneurs will have to follow guidelines and regulations as each country could have different rules and boundaries. Maarten de Jeu recommends that they have a local counsel who can help them with these rules. The 7th piece of advice is making sure that they have the money to expand to other states or countries. Expanding a brand globally will obviously cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. Entrepreneurs can help fund the cost to go globally by acquiring funds from investors or shareholders. The last piece of advice is for business owners to never be fully satisfied, but to continue to expand to other areas. Maarten de Jeu notes that businesses will have to be willing to adapt and be flexible in order to grow. Learn more:

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8 pieces of advice to expanding a company globally from Premier Gazette

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