Malcolm CasSelle is Stabilizing Fragmented Virtual Asset Market

Malcolm CasSelle is a pioneer in leading the efforts to stabilize the fragmented virtual asset market with Investments in the research and development of innovations within the blockchain for cryptocurrency platforms. Malcolm CasSelle is a leader in the virtual asset market industry and currently serves as president of (WAX) World Asset Exchange, where he provides strategic and insightful leadership within this organization that is continuing to advance the technological infrastructure and profits of the organization. He also serves as CIO of OPSkins a company that specializes in online video games and the integration of their virtual platforms to provide opportunities for individuals to transfer virtual assets through cryptocurrencies and various other online financial instruments.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide the expertise and knowledge within the virtual asset markets that are continuing lay out a blueprint and systematic approach to integrating various platforms together to streamline efforts to trade and exchange virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received degrees in Computer Science and continued his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s in Computer Science as well. Malcolm CasSelle provides insight and knowledge of global business opportunities within the computer science field of study. Furthermore, Mr. CasSelle fluidly speaks Japanese and Mandarin as second languages which provide an opportunity for him to increase investment opportunities in China and the other Asian countries. In fact, Worldwide Asset Exchange is providing the platform and technology to accomplish an exchange with different parts of the globe over the blockchain that will enable individuals to bypass regional and geographical central banking regulations by providing opportunities for individuals to exchange value over the newly created blockchain.

By utilizing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and various other crypto assets, Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide tremendous amounts of strategic planning and research in the ability of organizations to eliminate the problems associated with this fragmented environment. With the creation of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle provided the technological platforms to eliminate the fragmented virtual asset issues within the virtual asset market and continue the advancement of the technological infrastructure that will allow individuals to easily and consistently transfer online assets over the blockchain in the future.

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