Maarten De Jeu of SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY Gives Commercial Real Estate Investment Advice

The developer of SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY, Maarten De Jeu, is a multilingual and illustrious financial advisor. Polishing his knowledge early on, Maarten has pioneered his way to success as one of Fortune 100’s most cultivated financial experts. His growth has led him to a combined professional knowledge of investment strategies, international business, commercial real estate investment, and an array of financial services.

About Maarten De Jeu

While completing his M.A. at the Leiden University in the Netherlands Maarten started off as an analyst at TVDK Management. He worked for 9 years at the company, while continuing on to earn an Executive MBA at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2005. In 2008 he joined an insurance firm Aviva plc in London, developing company growth plans for European and Asian countries. He was quickly promoted to the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development and would uncover his eye for providing prosperous business opportunities and business portfolio reviews. In 2012, he launched SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY where he has continued his work on financial services, international business, and commercial real estate investment.

The Prosperous Side of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Commercial real estate is properties owned by businesses for the purpose of a working environment. These properties range from convenience stores, hotels, office spaces, restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses. Routinely commercial real estate is more expensive when buying and maintaining over time, Maarten advises outside of individual investment and instead urges the use of investment pooling. Maarten found that profits can be amplified in this way because there’s less loss in the cost of ownership. In 2012, the JOBS Act was passed releasing restrictions for small businesses and allowing the use of crowdfunding as a way to easily invest. Meaning that the investors pool funds together into a portfolio of these properties. This results in the warrant of equity ownership for a portion of a commercial property.

Safer Gains

Commercial real estate investment is generally a safer option in comparison to bonds or stocks. Less market rise and falls provide more protection from risk. Along with being a more financially affordable option for investors, with non-accredited investors allowance of a low $5,000.00 investment in previously pegged commercial real estate properties, fees are regularly lower than standard management fees. The ease of investing in commercial real estate specifies the use of a licensed financial adviser as unnecessary. With more online gain for the survey of access to portfolios, the cost of management is simply lower and more time effective. Maarten specifies that short-term reimbursement is another worthy reason to invest in commercial real estate. Because of lease ownership, tenants are expected to pay monthly, oftentimes for a period of one to five years, ensuring that the investor has a constant amount of cash flowing in. The assurance of profitability of higher probability, making it easier to balance out savings for future heftier investments. Learn more:

Tax benefits from commercial real estate are also superior. Investors can deduct the amount of deflation in property value for every tax year it does. Additionally, as of 2018, 20% allotments for a pass-through deduction can be taken advantage of if a corporation can be labeled as a limited liability by the investor. 

The best way to ensure you’re benefiting fully through your investments is to consult with a financial adviser or another reputable financial professional.

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Sudhir Choudhrie, A Maecenas and a Supporter to Athletes with Disability

Sudhir Choudhrie is an Indian entrepreneur that operates business mainly in London. He is from the clan of Choudhrie who belongs to the wealthiest families in India who have been reported to have a net worth amounting to $2 Billion and owns several mansions in London.

Sudhir Choudhrie being successful, he never forgets to look back and help people who are in need. He had been supporting different institutions and charities.

Sudhir Choudhrie is born on September 1949.

His father died early, the reason his mother is the only person who raised him well. Since his mother raised him, he looked up his mother as a good example. He finished his studies at Delhi University located in India for his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Since then Choudhrie loves arts. He is delighted to restore vintage cars. He is the owner of the best collection of vintage cars in India. Choudhrie and his wife both compromise with each other because of both love art. The couple is collecting Indian arts, especially the artworks of MF Hussain which is acknowledged as the Picasso of India. He also bought the best artworks of Andy Warhol, MF Hussain, and Damien Hirst.

Choudhrie supports Asian artists as he is into the arts. His love for the arts is the reason Choudhrie together with his wife Anita Choudhrie, established an art foundation named Stellar International Arts Foundation in 2001. The main goal of the foundation is to use arts to unify people around the globe. The foundation also opens doors to Asian artists to showcase their masterpieces in Western European nations and the United States.

Sudhir Choudhrie also gave support to athletes in the United Kingdom who were handicapped. He further established a foundation in London with the help of his wife, which is the Path to Success. The foundation helped several athletic teams, and also the British Paralympics Team. Recently, the foundation donated 60 wheelchairs for patients in NHS hospitals located in the United Kingdom. They also supported two athletic teams which are the London Titans, a known wheelchair basketball team and the GB Rugby Wheelchair team.


Boraie uses business strategies for success Atlantic City

The company of well known real estate guru Omar Boraie is implementing his strategies for success in a new residential project in Atlantic City. Boraie Development’s project of 600 NoBe is changing the landscape of the South Inlet of New Jersey. Two of the most important Boraie strategies implemented in this project is learning the accounting and learning to sell. The project, which has 250 luxury units, is the first development in the last 50 years of Atlantic City real estate to offer market-rate housing. That came about largely due to a lot of accounting, numbers and cost estimations. Approximately 200 residents already live in the units, even though it opened earlier this year. That success is in part to proper sales techniques and continued customer service throughout the sales process.

The development is also implementing Boraie’s other primary strategies for success, which are to study the competition, make necessary changes and be productive. The 600 NoBe development is a block away from another major development, Showboat Residence, as well as a master-planned development of retail and entertainment space. Boraie Development sees the competition, but believes all of the construction could greatly improve the area and noticed the extended stay option Showboat offers. The company is now partnering with MGM Resorts International to build more luxury apartments in the Marina District. The move demonstrates how strategies like making changes and being productive can move a project toward success. Implementing the same strategies can work for any business, according to Boraie.


The Cancer Treatment Centers of America company is making a lot of changes as of recently one of them being the head of the company. Visit to know more about CTCA.

The CTCA is hiring a new CEO and excited about the changes as the CEO that is coming in is all about growing the company and making sure that everyone feels as if they can come to the center for the best care. The company in that is also making sure that they are taking good care of the employees that work for them as they know how important it is to make sure they are well cared for.


By taking care of those that work for the company they are able to make sure that the customers and patients get the best care possible not just for cancer but for everything as cancer patients should never feel alone. By giving the employees good pay and time off they are able to make sure that they feel as if they have a balance and thus able to do their best every day. Visit Modern Healthcare to know more about CTCA.

Success from Darkeness: Marc Beer

Marc Beer has had repeated success during his nearly three-decade career. Beer took several companies to success because he has mastered the development of unique solutions that work to solve problems that are pressing and immediate. He got his bachelor in 1987 from Miami University.

Early Career

Marc Beer began his career in the sales and marketing of the pharmaceutical industry. He was Global Marketing Vice President at Genzyme, traded as GENZ on the NASDAQ. Beer promoted the product line which is geared to over 350 million people who are underserved medically and took Genzyme to the world. There are over 7,000 rare diseases that affect people.

Result of Helping 

Marc Beer decided to do more after helping those that are not properly served by the medical industry. Beer wanted to address the issues that were hard to solve in the pharmaceutical industry and used his experience to start his first company.

First Venture

Marc Beer launched ViaCell during 2000 after gaining experience with the sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals. The company had 300 employees and went public during 2005 as the biotechnology company VIAC on the NASDAQ. The company’s specialty was collecting and preserving stem cells from umbilical cord blood for the development of treatments for conditions affecting the human body.


Marc Beer sold ViaCell for $300 million to PerkinElmer seven years after its founding. Beer was experiencing vast success, and he had a full family life. This is when things went wrong. Marc Beer’s wife was only 42 when she died from a pulmonary embolism shortly after he sold the company. Beer began raising his children full time, until two years after his wife’s death his daughter told him it was time to create a new company. Learn more:

A Phone Call

Marc Beer is the CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of Renovia. A phone call from Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist is what gave Beer the idea. Iglesias spent almost 40 years doing surgery on the pelvic floor, and a decade of that was trying to figure out how to help women avoid having the surgery. This led to Renovia which is focused on giving diagnosis and treatment before the need for surgery.

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Smita Shah: Promoting Indian Culture in the United States

Smita Shah is the founder of SPAAN Tech, one of the leading engineering firms in the United States. She established SPAAN Tech in 1998 and worked hard to help it grow and reach new clients. Her hard work paid off as her company is recognized across the country as one of the fastest-growing engineering firms. Smita Shah is also awarded for her contribution to the engineering industry.

Aside from her stint with SPAAN Tech, Smita Shah is also an active civil rights leader. She serves as the chairman of the Delhi Committee, one of the divisions of a local movement called Chicago Sister Cities International. The group aims to promote the culture of India and to strengthen the ties between the two countries. Observing the welfare of Indians who live in Chicago is also one of the responsibilities of the group.

Smita Shah is an immigrant herself, leaving India for the United States when she was younger. She spent most of her childhood in India, but because of the lack of opportunities, her family decided to live abroad. They chose to immigrate to the United States because it offers a lot of opportunities. Smita Shah benefited from her family’s decision to migrate as she was given a chance to demonstrate her engineering skills when she entered MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT for short, is the leading school when it comes to engineering degrees. Smita Shah has been dreaming of entering this school someday, and her dreams became real after she was admitted by the school.

Despite her achievements, many people are raising her eyebrows as to how a woman of color would want to take an engineering degree at one of the most prestigious schools when it comes to engineering. She decided to ignore those who are skeptical about her abilities and continued to work hard to achieve her dreams. She would like to prove that even if she is a woman of color, she can still succeed in an industry dominated by men. Learn more:

After she graduated, Smita Shah started to look for a job. However, she felt that performing jobs for a company is not her forte, so she decided to leave the corporate world and established her business instead. It was in 1998 when SPAAN Tech was established, and she used her knowledge in the field of engineering to get a lot of clients. Being an immigrant is not a hindrance for her to succeed – in fact, it helped her achieve her life goals.

Last October 2, as a tribute to the Indian immigrants who live in Chicago, Smita Shah decided to invite Chicago’s officials, including the mayor. They ate lunch together at an event called the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, which is being held yearly. The Chicago Sister Cities International organized the event, and this year, they celebrated the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Mayor Lori Lightfoot also announced that the city council passed a resolution designating October 2 of every year as the Day for Mahatma Gandhi. Smita Shah was happy knowing that the city recognized one of the most important historical figures in India, and it will have a positive impact on the Indian immigrant community in the United States.

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Nitin Khanna’s Success Shibboleth – Never Give In

Born in India in 1971, Nitin Khanna, became inspired for prosperity by his military father, his family, and local Indian businesses. At eight years old, Khanna went to boarding school and used the school’s motto to further his dreams for entrepreneurial success. That motto was “Never Give In.”

Khanna continued to live by this adage and enrolled at Purdue University in Indiana to study industrial engineering. He then proceeded to acquire a master’s degree in the same field. His business career began with International Paper where Khanna spent two years in a management trainee program. This allowed Khanna to obtain knowledge and experience by trying his hand at several different six month long positions.

In 1995, Khanna began working for Oracle, the American computer technology corporation. Four years later, Khanna started Saber Corp. Software because he realized technology and internet network applications were the way of the future. Saber’s software was responsible for voting process in 21 states. Success continued and Saber soon became the software solution for the Department of Motor Vehicles, child welfare organizations, and state governments across the country. Through all this, Khanna continued to demonstrate his school’s maxim by never giving in. Hard work, determination and ingenuity were paying off in big ways. In fact, Saber was bringing in a revenue of upwards of $300 million annually before Khanna sold the company in 2008 to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) which was later acquired by Hewlett-Packard.

Khanna’s business success led other companies to want his help in engineering lucrative financial deals or strategic partnering. Out of this, MergerTech, an international advisory firm, was founded by Khanna who then achieved even greater prosperity. He has been the CEO since 2009. In reflecting on advice to his boarding school self, Khanna says, “I would tell my younger self not to be anxious and to be steady and patient; work hard and be fair in all your dealings. Keep your eye on your goals, plan your work, and work your plan.” Khanna’s success can be attributed to never giving in and always following his aspirations.

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Alexis Kennedy

The Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator Card Game a Double-BAFTA Nominee Based on Co-founder Alexis Kennedy’s Narrative Design


The Cultist Simulator, a Lovecraftian and apocalyptic electronic card game, nominated twice at BAFTA, is the most-recent offering by the Weather Factory game developer.

The Weather Factory was founded in 2017 and is run in London by Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan with the purpose of creating games with engaging narrative.

Alexis Kennedy’s work on such projects as Sunless Sea and Fallen London — developed at Alexis’ earlier company Failbetter Games — StoryNexus, Night Circus, Dragon Age: the Last Court and Machine Cares!, has been received with acclaim.

The concept for Cultist Simulator is to uncover mysteries and unholy secrets and seek knowledge, power, beauty or revenge in a 1920s-styled world of undiscovered histories and unknown deities.

The game is based on Alexis’ narrative styling and design mechanics with multiple possible endings where the player can chase dreams, devise means and conjure spirits, build a life or end in destruction or become a harbinger of a new world. It currently contains 110,000 words and is available in English, Russian and Chinese.

Cultist Simulator began as a KIckstarter, where it picked up nearly three times its funding goal, and has received a whole collection of awards, including BAFTA nominations for Game Innovation and Debut Game, and a number of Develop:Star awards including Best Game Design and Best Innovation.

Published by Humble for PC and Playdigious for mobile, Cultist Simulator is available for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux from the Steam, Humble,, GOG, App Store and Google Play stores.

Alexis Kennedy is an international speaker on narrative and interactive writing for game design. He can be found at @alexiskennedy on Twitter and at

Kevin Plank Sides with College Athletes

It is a contentious issue, and it is one that Kevin Plank knows about from firsthand experience. The issue is that of college athletes being able to profit from their own names and images. It is an issue that the founder and CEO of Under Armour recently spoke out about. Kevin Plank came forward in mid-September to speak in favor of college athletes being able to be compensated for their images, names, and likenesses. Currently, in order to maintain their amateur status, student athletes are not permitted to do so. While college athletes are currently, under NCAA rules permitted to benefit financially from their athletic successes, their colleges and universities have. The students’ only “compensation” may be an athletic scholarship at the school.

However, the school may reap significant financial benefit from the use of their names and images. That is especially true in the case of schools that do well in areas such as college basketball’s March Madness. Kevin Plank knows from experience what it is like to be an uncompensated student athlete. He played football in high school and went on to play at University of Maryland, College Park. While some student athletes may go on to professional sports and the potentially significant pay associated with those positions, not all do.

Kevin Plank was one such case. He never went on to play professional football. Unlike many other student athletes, however, his sports experiences led him to founding what would grow into a multi-billion dollar company. Kevin Plank knows, however, that is not the case for everyone. When asked specifically about California’s “Fair Pay to Play” Act, he voiced support for it. He favors student athletes being able to make endorsement deals, which is something that the NCAA has opposed and continues to oppose even in the face of the state’s move to make it possible for the students and not just their schools to benefit from their athletic talents. Read More.

A Man of Many Names: Duda Melzer AKA Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Duda Melzer is a man who had a dream and did what he had to in order for them to come true. He always wnated a job in the media and he ended up running one of the largest media conglomerates in South America. He is a man who took the company further than it had ever gone before. Now he is the face of communications in South America. In an interview with Ideamensch, he talked about his life and career.

 Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer worked hard to get where he is today. He graduated with a Master’s degree from Harvard University in Business Administration. This is what helped him get into the field that he loves. He is a man who loves to see new ideas come to life. he is a person that helps others get ideas off the ground. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer knows when to take advantage of a good idea. He says the key to new ideas is executing them in the proper way. He likes when a good idea becomes a reality for everyone.

 One of the things that make him happiest in business is the fact that companies today are combining passions as well as profits. He loves it when people have a passion about what they do and the profit will come right along with a good idea. They are not separate things but equal to each other in the business world.

 When it comes to his daily routine Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer makes sure to start each day with a workout. He wants to make sure that he is focused on the task at hand when things in business come up. He wants to be able to work during the day and spend tome with his family when he gets home. He makes his life balanced the best why he knows how. To know more about Duda visit

Eduardo Melzer is a man who did not take no for an answer. He found the way to help others as well as himself have the best life possible. Being able to balance everything is the key for him. That makes him the happiest man around.