Raffaele Riva Shares The Keys Of His Passion

While being an angel investor Raffaele Riva created a reputation for himself, but he also has expertise as an entrepreneur. He received his MBA from Oxford University’s Said Business School, which offered him what he required to begin his own business. In 2006, he began a tiny technology company with several peers from his college days. This company produced a large quantity of money, so he switched his focus to the financing elements of the company

Riva shows an unbridled enthusiasm for his line of business and has initially established a number of businesses. He created and introduced a variety of start-ups between 1997 and 2008, remaining active in their leadership and service operations. Prior to that, he gained useful multinational company understanding while leading a multinational company through which he was actively engaged in handling and operating many associated corporations in Canada, South Africa, and South and central America.

Rivas allows his vision lead the way in developing fresh company enterprises and investing in extremely fulfilling ventures, not only because of their strong economic performance, but also because they meet his genuine longing for entrepreneurship and bring real merit and advantages to the life of his customers. He presents life and enterprise with an attitude of “pursuing what you enjoy and allowing life practice to guide you” and is dedicated to keeping a constructive, encouraging approach, respecting his ideas, but also strict due diligence and follow-up.

An vigorous and knowledgeable entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva credits his achievement to his passion and enthusiasm for the businesses in which he is engaged, his desire to be guided by visionary and creative thoughts and possibilities, and his insatiable appetite for continually gaining fresh expertise and data and keeping up-to-date with current events. This, he thinks, is the key to creating well-informed company choices that react to present market trends as well as changing technological developments that may influence the development and development of his enterprises, while also enhancing lives for his customers.

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