Raffaele Riva

A Britisher, Raffaele Riva graduated from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford with various degrees all across London. Dedication, restless evenings and a little luck demonstrated Riva’s remarkable talent for passionate investments, and ten years later Raffaele Riva built a reputation for himself in the increasing angel scene in New York. An interview from him gives advice to new startups as well as he describes how he followed through his dream investments.

From the time he began to pursue investments in new companies, we’ve had the opportunity to help others create their dream come true, and that’s what drives him every day. He recalls his first startup and it was crucial the mistakes made by new investors. In addition, he has enjoyed operating partnering fresh teams and hopefully yielding a return, win-win at the conclusion of a venture. With a strong collection, angels can actually get a powerful economic return while receiving so many other advantages, such as assisting to launch smart businesses in their groups; meeting businessmen who are driving fresh thoughts; and collaborating with friends who make me a stronger shareholder pushing for profitable possibilities. In the angel society we understand both the moment: do best, understand, have great times, and create cash, not especially in that order. It will always be a life lesson if you are looking for early members and investment opportunities that talk to you and your principles.

For businessmen, it’s critical to find out what kind of investment suits their vision for their business – this is my first matter when tried to approach for financing. An angel shareholder’s income equity is only accurate for some businesses and some ideas. We usually look for businesses that intend to measure really fast and want their shareholders to engage fingers-on, and these kick-up proposals should aim to grow and escape at a great value to guarantee a high yield for all participating. I promote pioneers to really get to understand the equity process, look for internet funds, speak to other begin-ups and come up with a five-year marketing plan. We sometimes turn down thoughts that we think are not ideologically compatible with these principles.

Find out more about Raffaele: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/raffaele-riva

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