Seymour Segnit- Interview With CEO Of MAGFAST

Seymour Segnit spent a good portion of his career looking for solutions to some of the problems people have every day. He is the enthusiastic founder and CEO of the company MAGFAST. The company is a startup working to create new wireless chargers with sleek and powerful designs.

Born and raised in London, Seymour Segnit admitted that formal education has never been a top priority for him even though he went to Oxford University to study engineering. After getting his degree, Segnit moved to the United States and co-founded a Silicon Valley startup worth $25 million.

In the next 10 years, he worked to develop internet marketing and website ventures aimed at helping people get relief from their phobias and fears. Get More Information Here.

How Did Your MAGFAST Idea Come About?

Before founding MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit founded a USB charging business that grew to success very quickly. The success of the business lead Seymour Segnit to put his entrepreneurial spirit and laser focus to work on finding a missing and vital piece in the consumer market. His focus went from USB chargers to wireless chargers.

To put it simply, Seymour Segnit said his idea to start his company came from a classic inventor idea process. He found a product he was dissatisfied with using and got to work thinking of ways to improve the design.

How Are Your Ideas Brought To Life?

When Seymour Segnit has an idea, he will place all of his focus and passion on that project until it comes to life. Once the idea has been solidified by himself and colleagues, the rest of the pieces end up falling into place. To create a great product, you need to have the utmost belief in its success from the beginning. It also needs to be understood there will be many ups and downs throughout the product creation process. See This Page for additional information.

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