Stratford Shields and Bonds

Stratford Shields is well aware that state can raise money in a variety of ways and one of them is through bonds. States may do it for a variety of reasons that would help the general public out.

Stratford Shields and Why the Workforce Commission in California Was Formed?

It is no secret that the recent growth in the automation sector has gotten people worried about the future of jobs and sustainable economy. According to a study, automation is slated to kill 73 million jobs by 2030, and that figure refers to jobs in the U.S. alone.

But then again, the authenticity of these studies is often questioned by their counterparts, which believe that automation and robots are in fact not killing jobs at all. Such reports claim that for every job that is taken over by automation, another one is created in its place.

But then, you have arguments against these reports that strongly debate their authenticity. These comments refer to the past and how the revolution of industrialization contributed to the demise of many other jobs.

To summarize, the findings seem to differentiate greatly. You are bound to find a hot take on the impacts of automation and the efficiency of robots depending upon where you look.

But one theme that seems to run through the course of all these studies and findings is that automation holds immense power within itself to impact the future of work as we know it.

That is why, Stratford Shields knows that when Newsom made future of work and combating the effects of automation a major part of his 2018 gubernatorial campaign, it was something that resonated with the residents of California.

Following his campaign promises after his election to office, the governor is now taking these steps.

There is a long a way to go.

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