Jeffrey Stevenson Responsibility to VSS and Media Sector

Jeffrey Stevenson, as an entrepreneur, has determined the hacks and traits to apply in his line of work to be successful. He is a devoted leader serving as a managing partner to VeronisSuhler Stevenson Company. VSS has established headquarters in New York, providing meaningful solutions to its clients on Private Equity. He is a role model in the private investment sector. Since 1982 Jeffrey Stevenson has gathered extensive experience and knowhow to operate the private equity sector, thus gaining respect from other people.

Career Outlook

Jeffrey Stevenson views media as a source of information, education, and income. There are many transformations with an increase in technology, leading to more business opportunities. Mr. Stevenson is among the leading investors who have taken the opportunity to invest in the media sector. Upon graduation with a BA from Rutgers University in early 1982, Mr. Stevenson started his business career working in various mergers.

Mr. Stevenson, as an opportunist, started the first VeronisSuhler private equity fund five years later after his employment. His contributions led to more than $5 million. This amount has increased during Mr. Stevenson’s reign to more than $30 billion under VSS management. In 2001 Mr. Stevenson increased the bank’s funds to billions hence transforming VeronisSuhler to VeronisSuhler Stevenson, New York.

Career Achievements

During Mr. Stevenson’s reign, the firm invested in b to b media, unlike other companies that dominated Mergers and Acquisition activities. He works closely with his colleagues sharing ideas on how to improve and promote growth and development in the company. He strived to earn a 46% return rate with the first two raised funds. His third fund entailed constriction of Hanley wood and Canon medical media, which resulted in more returns.

Jeffrey Stevenson strives to make significant deals for the company to increase logistics. He signed an agreement with Hanley Wood and Canon Communications to join forces in magazines and various shows. Mr. Stevenson believed that these characterize VeronisSuhler Stevenson would earn more and create a solid foundation in b to b programs.

Mr. Stevenson is entrusted with the company funds thus strives to be updated on various market trends, and his company remains active in b to b investment programs.

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