Wes Edens Returns Two Sports Teams To Greatness

Wes Edens was already widely known in the world of sports. He bought the Milwaukee Bucks along with a business partner. Under his leadership, this team got its act together and went from a perennial loser to one that nearly made it to the 2019 NBA Finals. They have a great group of players that are led by All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo. They are also playing in a new arena, something that Wes Edens also made happen.

He is now known on the international level of sports. Along with a different business partner, he bought the Aston Villa Football Club. The club had been one of the founding teams of England’s Premier League. After not playing well for several seasons they tumbled out of the Premier League and have been trying to get back in ever since.

The Premier League works very differently than how professional sports work in the United States. There are only 20 teams and the lower-ranked ones are kicked out to make room for a better team. This means every team has to maintain a culture of excellence if they want to play in the Premier League, widely regarded as the best league in all of sports. It would be similar to the Boston Red Sox being eliminated from MLB play if they became terrible again for a few years.

The year after Wes Edens bought this team, he worked his magic once again. Aston Villa is once again back in the Premier League for the 2019 season. They had been playing in the English Football League which was established in 1888. This league has a rich history but it’s not nearly on the same level as the Premier League. People respect this league but it’s really just not the same thing.

Fans believe that Wes Edens and his business partner saved this team. The team was losing millions of dollars a year and might have either had to shut down or move to another city. People would have lost a team they had been rooting for their entire lives. He respects the fans and wants to build a team they feel great about.

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