JD.com is Also in the Dumpling Business

JD.com has been forging partnerships with a variety of companies in the past few years. It has worked bringing fresh fruit from New Zealand, entertainment in the form of Transformers and Hello Kitty, and it is working with fish, duck, and chicken farmers to bring the highest quality food to people across China. One of the reasons it has over 300 million customers across China is its ability to deliver products within one or two days to 99% of China. It can do this by using robot delivery trucks and drones to reach rural areas of the country.

Its latest partnership is with Wu Fang Zhai. It produces China’s favorite Zongzi dumplings and during the boat festival over 47 tons of the product was consumed on just one day. JD.com is using that enormous infrasructure to deliver the dumplings, but JD.com is bringing much more to the partnership. JD.com is using its “Consumer-to-Manufacturer” (C2M) model to analyze data. By looking at the data it can tell that the way people consume the dumplings is different in the South of China than it is in the North. The data has shown that people in the North like to eat a sweeter dumpling, while those in the South prefer it salty and eaten with meat.

It is amazing use of consumer data to make sure JD.com can deliver the best possible product. As people move from the South to the North of China, they are increasingly wanting to eat the saltier version. JD.com has translated that data into new product offerings. JD.com now packages both the salty and sweet Zongzi so that different tastes can be satisfied. JD.com has also changed the way the product is packaged and now they are in bamboo boxes. It has resulted in four times as many bamboo boxes sold as traditional paper boxes. It is just another way that JD.com is using technology to provide the ultimate shopping experience.

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