Tech Expert Robert Deignan and the Future of Automation

Robert Deignan studied at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He was the Executive Vice President at iS3 which deals with online solutions such as tech support, security software and custom programming. In August 2011, he co-founded ATS Digital Services, which helps with a variety of technology and digital issues.

Robert Deignan is a tech expert and with the age of automation even he has more questions than answers. 352 leading scientists did a study for the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute described when humans will underperform compared to machines. The answer depends on what your field of work is. Truck drivers could be automated in a decade but artificial intelligence could take a century.

While people are anxious about losing their jobs, Robert Deignan has hope. He has built his career working alongside technology. To secure your job, you must make yourself important. Use the fast-paced technology advances to your benefit and work with it instead of against it. The anxiety comes from a place of misinformation. These leading scientists conclude that technology will have a 50% chance of replacing us in roughly 120 years. The scientists work in labs, not the industries. Just because a robot can do a task in a lab doesn’t mean it can handle a job as good as a human.

Robert Deignan continues that robots have very narrow skill sets. Simple things such as data entry could be automated soon but driving requires a lot of data and will take longer to research. Jobs like teachers, social workers, audiologists, healthcare workers or prosthetists; require training and have a low chance of being automated soon. The fact is that with experts making predictions and the media covering it, no one knows what the future holds.

In the McKinsey report, it talks about a modernization of the workplace. Most jobs are safe from full automation but there is roughly 60% of the jobs that will be affected. Certain tasks you do could be automated and this will change your routine. Therefore, it is important to embrace the changing technology and improve with it.

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