The Career Of Boris Ivanov

Boris Ivanov is a very successful businessman, entrepreneur, and Russian investors. He is currently the president of Gazprom Bank which is an oil company. He also is the founder of a few different companies and he focuses most of his investing and time in the areas of oil exploration and production. The oil company has found many lucrative investment opportunities in the sector of oil exploration and production in the Middle East, South America, and in Africa. Before Boris Ivanov became the president of Gazprom he worked in the Russian government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR he was a Russian diplomat. Boris Ivanov was also the vice president at a bank called Univest for seven years. 


Gazprom Bank and Boris Ivanov are currently making plans to start investing in the country of Venezuela so they can start drilling for minerals and raw materials that maybe underground in the country. The oil company is currently going to take out a 4 billion dollar loan to fund this venture. This venture was backed by the Venezuela and Russian governments and they have officially signed the proper agreements to move forward with the process. The oil company has always invested in the natural resource and mineral sector every since it founding back in 1989. The company’s majority owner is the Russian government. The part of the oil company that is not on the Russian market is listed on public stock markets in countries such as Moscow, London and Frankfurt. Other sectors that the oil company is involved in outside of minerals and raw materials are extraction, transport, production, and the sale of natural gas. 

The company has been so successful that it is currently relocating to Saint Petersburg where it has currently built the tallest building in Europe as its new headquarters. The oil company is the biggest producer of oil globally and owns Shotkman field which is the biggest oil natural gas field in the world. 

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