The Illustrious Career Path of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt may now be the only CEO, attorney, and entrepreneur, who is vocal in saying that he misses the blackberry. He just can’t fully love the iphone because Greg says that is it one of the main culprits for killing grammar and sentence construction, which has caused a steady decline in the correct usage of the English Language in this modern world.

He is particular about this because of his love for the written word. In his down time from the many hats that he wears, Greg Blatt actually dabbles into novel and screenplay writing. He considers these endeavors as the saving grace, which relaxes his busy mind from his very serious line of work. He is a firm believer in the tradition of arts and culture because of their capacity to soothe the soul.

A graduate of the Columbia University Law School, an Ivy League, pressure, heavy workload, and deep obligations are not new concepts to Greg Blatt. He has always been hardworking all throughout his life. He is candid enough to admit that he was only able to finish law school by being a bar tender and a bus boy in the popular night spots around the Big Apple.

To date, he has served as a senior management executive in numerous multinational companies. He started in a law firm, but ended up as a legal counsel for Martha Stewart OmniMedia. Because of his successful work, he was concurrently given a management position. From there, Greg Blatt has served many other conglomerates like IAC, Match, Tinder, and many others.

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