Tigerswan Is Making The World A Safer Place

The terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001, forever changed how companies think about security. It’s necessary to have multiple layers of security for the protection of buildings, employees, and computer networks. James Reese, the CEO and founder of Tigerswan, understands the changes required for protecting assets and people in the 21st-century world. James Reese, a 25 year veteran in the United States Army, has the training and experience necessary to develop solid security practices for his clients.

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James Reese is a highly acclaimed retired Delta Force service member. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after receiving commendations and medals throughout his long military career. After such a long career many people would enjoy retirement by spending time playing golf or travelling, but James Reese opted to start a new business instead. He founded Tigerswan in 2007 after realizing that there was a need for proactive, professional security to protect citizens around the globe.

Tigerswan benefits from the special ops training that James Reese employed during his time overseas in enemy territory. He understands how criminals think and how his highly skilled personnel can outwit them. Speaking of his staff, Tigerswan is a service-disabled, VA certified and approved small business. Another reason that James Reese started Tigerswan was to help veterans who were disabled while serving their country to find employment.

Service-disabled veterans don’t have it easy when they come back home. Depending on what their disability is, they may not be able to return to their jobs, whether they want to or not. Tigerswan works with disabled vets to retrain them and allow them to earn a paycheck. James Reese is dedicated to helping his people to regain their self-confidence by helping them to learn new skills at Tigerswan.

The combination of James Reese’ military and leadership background and his employees’ willingness to excel make Tigerswan a strong, dedicated company. Tigerswan is headquartered in North Carolina and has offices in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, India, and North and West Africa.

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