Understanding Business with Greg Secker

In order to understand how people can truly learn what it means to be a successful businessman, they have to learn from the experiences of those who came before them. Greg Secker is an example of this.

In a recent interview with the entrepreneur, Greg Secker spoke about all of his new ideas and how he was able to get his trading business going. He started off by stating that his ideas for business ventures came from a mix of boredom and the chance for an opportunity. He said he after working for an asset management bank in the United States, he later moved to the UK where he could start his own trading company and from there, he began to teach others how to do the same.

This led to him starting up the first trader coaching business in the UK and he noticed that people who attended the programs and were properly mentored had a much easier time in the trading business than others. According to Secker, the business model he used for his program was meant to serve as a rival to current mainstream models that allowed him to produce leaders in trading in the first place.

Before he became a widely-known entrepreneur, Greg Secker was raised in Norfolk, England. He went on to attend the University of Nottingham, studying agricultural and food sciences and earning his degree in that very field. After finishing his collegiate studies, Secker’s first step in his career was working at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a creator for foreign exchange trading systems. After this he moved on to a new business called the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), which was the first online trading platform that let customers receive real-time quotes for large transactions.

Aside from trading and business management, Greg Secker has also been the founder of the aptly named Greg Secker Foundation, which he considers to be his proudest achievement. The foundation is a non-profit group that focuses on education, life skills and youth leadership programs that will give people the edge they need to improve their communities.

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