Unroll Me Email Sorting Service

Unroll Me is a free email sorting service that automatically scans your inbox for subscription emails and puts them all in one folder for you to view now or save to view later. Many of us have emails from websites that we have subscribed to; sent to us everyday. Once Unroll Me scans your entire email account, all your subscription emails are placed in a folder called a Rollup. This Rollup folder allows you to send an email to your inbox to read right away or to leave the email in the folder to read later. Each day Unroll Me scans your email account and creates a new Rollup folder. You can choose for Unroll Me to scan either morning, afternoon, or at night. 

Currently Unroll Me can be used with: Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo. AOL email services are currently being developed and will be available in the future (no exact date for when those services will be added). By visiting the Unroll Me website, you sign up and link your email account. Unroll Me starts right away to sort your emails once you have signed up for their service. A large email account with over 10,000 emails only takes a few minutes to sort and put in a Rollup folder. Rollup folders can be viewed daily from your email account as a new folder named Rollup will be created in your email account. It is easy to view older folders, by visiting the Unroll Me website, and clicking on your stored Rollup folders.

Unroll Me is free email sorting service that makes managing your email account easier. Quickly sorting out subscription emails in a convenient folder, Unroll Me helps you to see your most important emails first and storing all your emails for you to view on your schedule. Signing up is hassle free and the sorting scans take only a few minutes a day. If your email account is giving you a headache each time you try to sort through all your emails, then Unroll Me is right for you. Sign up today and get rid of that email sorting headache. 


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