Wengie Draws Her Awesome Life: From Introvert to Youtube Star


Wengie was born on January 9th, 1986 in China but relocated to Melbourne, Australia when she was 4 years old. She stated that her parents moved to Australia a few years before she did and she remained in the care of her grandparents. Upon reuniting with her mom and dad, Wengie was unable to recognize them. She eventually adjusted.


Since Wengie’s family was trying to settle down in a new country, they did not have much money. Wengie’s creativity was evident at an early age when she made DIY toys and dolls for her to play with. Wengie’s parents tried to save as much money as possible. She recalls a time when her father salvaged on old vacuum cleaner and kept it for 12 years.


Her parents eventually got new jobs and they relocated to Sydney. Wengie recalls being extremely shy during her early school years and found it difficult to make friends. However, by the time she got to highschool she put more effort into her social life. She spent a lot of time on the internet chatting with people, downloading MP3s and making websites.


Wengie’s mom encouraged her to go to school for accounting. However, her true dream was to be a fashion designer. But Wengie respected her parent’s wishes and studied accounting. She landed a job with a big company right after school which she maintained for 4 years.


Wengie recalls being unhappy with her accounting job. She eventually quit and decided to become a social media consultant. This inspired her to launch her own blog about her true passions, fashion and beauty. She launched her own makeup Youtube channel in 2013.


Wengie juggled both a full time job and her blog at the same time and considered it a difficult task. She sacrificed her social life and her home eventually looked like a studio, instead of a home. She was featured on a national TV show about hoarders and had her home renovated.


She eventually quit her job and focused entirely on her blog. She currently has milions of subscribers. She got engaged to her boyfriend in 2015.


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