Why Coworking Spaces are so Popular

Recently, the Harvard Business Review ran an article on co-working spaces and why they have become so popular. Coworking spaces are workspaces where various professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and others can become members and work together. In these spaces, you will find people who are working at shared tables and others who are working in more quiet spaces.

The Harvard Business Review highlighted a few reasons why these spaces tend to work so well for people. The first is that coworkers find more meaning in their work when they are a part of these spaces. It is really more of a movement of community and collaboration than just simply a place to work. Also, workers find opportunities to use their skill set to help other workers in the space.

The second reason is about job control which means that people can choose when to show up and how long to stay. Coworking spaces are often open 24/7 which gives members the ability to choose their schedule. People like the autonomy of being able to come in and get work done at times that are convenient for them and their needs while also offering the structure and motivation that comes from being around others workers.

Finally, the third reason is that people feel that they are a part of a community. The owners and staff behind these spaces often work hard to set a tone of friendliness and comradery. For instance, Workville in New York fosters this sense of community by hosting special events and talks throughout the week such as their Young Professionals Workshop. This helps workers with similar interests gather together and learn from one another.

If you’re looking for New York offices for rent, Workville is a luxury coworking space in New York located next to Times Square that strives to create a friendly and inspiring place for its members. They offer private offices, shared offices, and open tables and desks. They also have a café and three outdoor terraces that overlook the city. Like most coworking spaces they offer printers, 24-hour access, Wi-Fi, and more.

Coworking allows people to thrive by creating an environment where they can be themselves and work in ways that suit them best.

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