Why Securus Technologies is Making Jails Safe

Each day that I show up to work at the state prison, the only thing that I have been concerned about lately is making this facility as safe as possible for me and my fellow officers. Inmates are especially irritable lately because of the overcrowded conditions, and if they want to lash out the officers are the fist line of defense. Although me and my fellow officers are outnumbered, we have a few ways to try and keep the peace and maintain a certain degree of safety.


One of the ways we used to get a jump on potential violence in our jail was monitoring calls the inmates were making on the prison phones. If we were able to detect chatter about drugs or weapons, we would get ahead of the problem and try to take it out. The trouble was this was not an exact science and it took away officers from the front lines where they could have been utilized in other capacities. It wasn’t until Securus Technologies reached out to update our call system did we discover how ancient our old system really was.


Securus Technologies is based in the state of Texas, and the CEO of the company says his team of 1,000 employees are committed to making the world safer. Their jail phone monitoring system is state of the art, utilizing software to scan the calls instead of officers, then the LBS software will alert an officer to potential trouble so a team can take care of the issue quickly.


Now if any of the inmates have plans to sell drugs in the jail, make weapons in their cells, or start fights with rival gangs, the software alerts officers and we stand a much better chance of getting to that location and eliminating the threat before it causes any trouble.


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