Work and Play Life of Glenn Schlossberg

The world of the 21st century is a faster, brighter, and more economically diverse place than ever before. An individual can run an international business from their home in the urban suburbs. In this environment, most businesses believe they need to be careful at all times. They never know when a new deal might sneak up on them, or a new business venture could be primed for take off. However, Glenn Schlossberg takes a different approach to the industry. He believes that a break is absolutely essential to long term business stability. Glenn Schlossberg describes in a recent Gazette Day article how just a little time off here and there can spark something new.

In today’s world, the classic job is done on a 9am to 5pm time schedule every single day. Workers wake up, head out the door, arrive and conduct their jobs, then lastly return home in the evening. Scientists have been arguing for years how flawed this system is for the human mind. As a company CEO of a major clothing brand, Glenn Schlossberg takes this advice to heart. He will regularly take time off from work to relax his mind. In fact he also claims that his best ideas have been created during these periods. He also encourages the workers to take mental breaks at least once a day.

A action is a time for Glenn Schlossberg to experience new things. In order to stay competitive, an individual has to be creating innovate products year around. He finds that European and Asian cultures simulate his mind the best. Similarly, his love for vehicles like cars and motorcycles has taken him to unusual places. Glenn Schlossberg finds that an individual can have a creative spark in the most strangest of places. His brand has been built upon these relaxed working circumstances.

Jump Design Group is an industry leader is creating women’s clothes. Glenn Schlossberg’s unusual approach to finding creativity has lead to a unique fashion brand that gives consumers something new. The “working hard and playing hard” mindset is something he will continue to refine for years. To see more about Glenn you can visit

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